at Itaewon, Seoul 

2023.09.22 - 2023.09.24


SS24 Collection 

'Group Dynamics'

Individuals feel a new energy that they are not aware of when they are in a group than when they are alone. 

 People in a group who do irrational and unproductive things they wouldn't normally do, give each other new energy and love, and become the energy for the individual to live. For teenagers, who are more active online than offline, this group courage is easily absorbed by them without realizing it, and they can easily try new behaviors that they wouldn't normally do. 

 We wonder if this fearlessness and freedom will become the energy we need to live in the current era, making it easier to approach new challenges. The collection of behaviors that we used to do fearlessly as children, that we cannot do alone, that we should not do, 

will become the driving force that drives our lives. 


BLR SS24 collection expresses this unstable dynamic. 

 Our main colors such as black, gray, ivory, and dark navy are blending well together with the point color red 

 and fabrics such as denim, nylon, and cotton with various textures are mixed with printed fabrics to create a dynamic mood.